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Your work environment can seem very hostile at first. Oh jesus, why are all these switches staring at me? Why is everything beeping and flashing? Why am I many pieces? Hopefully, with these shiny user-contributed guides and checklists, all of these questions will be answered. Possibly.


"Postponing Failure: Ramp Starts", part of luaduck's aptly named "Postponing Failure" series


Lobo's DCS A-10C Normal Checklist & Quick Reference Handbook Revision 8c. A normal checklist and weapons quick reference handbook for the DCS A-10C. Comprised of 42 pages it is formatted in PDF, and can be used either in printed form or in electronic form on the IPAD etc. The checklist will take a cold jet through startup, takeoff, fence in/out checks, after landing and shutdown checks. After landing if you need repairs, refuel or rearm you stay in the checklist and it will flow you all the way back to take-off. As well the checklist incorporates quick reference guides for weapons employment, air refueling, hot pit rearming, refueling and repairs. Includes supplemental material on RWR threat chart, 9 line briefing, weapon Z-diagrams, weapon capabilities chart, airport data chart, cross wind chart, mission data card, drag index chart, takeoff and approach speeds, and a fuel planning worksheet.