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DCS: World

What is Dcs World?

DCS: World is a free, multiplayer environment that owners of individual DCS games (called modules) can connect to and play in the same missions together. When Hoggit started, the DCS games were standalone, and most of us had DCS: A-10 and DCS: Ka-50. World has changed that paradigm where instead of buying a full, standalone game, you purchase "modules" that work with World servers.

In addition to DCS: World TARS provides realistic radio communications to the game, including needing to be on the same frequencies on the in game radios, voice modulation (you actually sound like you are on a radio), distance effects and other realistic radio degradation effects, among other features.

This makes it very easy to coordinate large flights whereas teamspeak vanilla would cause the communication channels to become quickly saturated.

What do I need?

  1. If you have any beta versions of DCS World, uninstall them.
  2. Download and install the DCS World framework
  3. The Su-25T aircraft comes free with DCS: World. however if you want additional aircraft, or already own standalone versions of a module (e.g. Quad 1), you need to download and install the module for that vehicle.

Flaming Cliffs 3

IMPORTANT: As of 2014, this section is obsolete.

Note that Flaming Cliffs 3 requires a copy of LOMAC, Flaming Cliffs 1, or Flaming Cliffs 2 to be installed; but not registered (that last part is very important... think about it... especially if you have purchased LO:MAC in the past and don't feel like buying it again).

Once The previous game has been installed (it doesn't even need to be run), you can now install Flaming Cliffs 3. After you've installed FC3, feel free to uninstall LO:MAC or whichever previous version you used.

Note for Blackshark pilots

Make sure you use the correct Ka-50 module (BS2 standalone or BS1>BS2 Upgrade) based on what you purchased. If your BS1 is through steam and you intend to use the BS1>BS2 Upgrade Module, BS1 must be installed and have been launched to the main menu once before you install the BS1>BS2 Upgrade Module.

Note for all standalone players moving to World

If you like, you can uninstall any standalone DCS A-10C or DCS Black Shark 2 clients you might have. This isn't required, but a DCS World install will by necessity be separate from these. gas been phased out and does not need to be installed to play with us online at this time.

Launching the game is easier with World, requires less hard drive space through multiple game installs, you can switch aircraft without launching a different client and reconnecting, and this is how the whole 3rd party system will get aircraft into the game as well.

What if I bought A-10C through Steam?

The below instructions only apply to people who have the A-10C or Blackshark standalones for Steam. If you have DCS World for steam you are already set.

Just follow the above instructions. Seriously, you have nothing to worry about. If you ever need to reactive your copy of A-10C (if you switch to a different computer for example), when it asks you to activate, just enter your steam key. You can look it up right here.