Exporting MFCD to a Nexus/iPad

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Fine print: I used and tested it with a Nexus 7. Setup for iPad should be very similar


  • Nexus 7/10, android phone should work too but display might be too small.
  • One of those 3 apps:
    • ScreenSlider (just noticed it was removed from play store, not sure why, so not recommended)
    • iDisplay
    • Air Display
  • A-10 Virtual Cockpit Server (http://bit-shift.com/a10vcserver/index.html) not required but will make your life much easier since you won't have to modify lua scripts yourself.

Android apps are unfortunately not free but it's worth it. (NOT TESTED: it seems there is ads supported version which is free: (http://download.cnet.com/Air-Display-Free/3000-2094_4-75815289.html))

Pairing your device with the PC

Setup is quite easy and very similar for iDisplay and Air Display.

  • Download and install Air Display from google store
  • if you connect via WiFi your machines need to be on the same network - you will need a companion software installed on your computer (free from the website)
  • you have a choice to connect it via usb
  • after installation of the companion software (includes the driver) you need to reboot your computer
  • now you fire up the app on the tablet and on your machine and you pair them up
  • using "display arrangement" option you can position your tablet in relation to your main monitor(s)

There is a good tutorial for this step here: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/ipad-and-tablets/how-to-set-up-an-android-tablet-as-a-second-display-50009332/

Exporting MFCD to the tablet

  • start A-10C Virtual Cockpit Server
  • under tools/display configuration you can see the setup - a screen of the cockpit will appear with the MFCD screens (1:1 resolution).

You can right click to choose which ones you want to export. I will walk through a single export, the right MFCD. Right click and I leave right MFCD selected, uncheck left MFCD and CDU. You can drag the displays around with the mouse but I find "set positions manually" - under right click - to be much more precise.

A short explanation how A10 handles the screens. In general it does not distinguish if there is one monitor plugged or more. It renders the whole scene resolution I believe. The top left corner has 0,0 coordinates. With 1080p monitor the main screen (the cockpit) would be 0.0.1920.1080 which means: attach the "screen" at the 0,0 coordinate and make it 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high (or I should say low). Now we want to attach the nexus (it should be already plugged and paired with your machine). I attach it just to the right of my main monitor at coordinates 1920,0 (that's where the top left corner of my nexus screen will be) and I a comfortable resolution for nexus 7 for the MFCD is 768x768 (you can experiment here) therefore, the final coordinates will be 1920.0.768.768 This will work because I set nexus as the screen to the left of my monitor during Air Display setup

If you had another monitor you can use the same tool for it. This saves you from editing lua files, if you make mistake there A10 will crash to desktop...

Click on OK, then right click and save settings. Go Tools and click on update DCS scripts - this will update A10 lua scripts with your monitor setup. You should be ready to go! Fire up A10 and test it.