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Please note, this page is still in development and is definitely incomplete. Following these instructions right now will point you in the right direction, but there is still plenty to do. Contacting someone on IRC is probably a good idea.

Chuck Yeager has put together a great video tutorial for the latest version of BMS (Dated Jun 18, 2013). The video can be found here.

Downloading BMS

The latest BMS version is 4.33 Update 3.

When this article was written, the BMS version was 4.32 Update 7.

We are currently flying on Update 6. Torrents can be found here:


Once downloaded, the main setup (Falcon_BMS_4.32_Setup.zip) should be extracted to a temporary location. The updates are applied to this temporary location BEFORE running Setup.exe (they modify items in the data/ folder prior to the setup).

If this is your first time installing Falcon 4 BMS, there is an all-in-one installer for the first 5 updates on the BMS forums. Otherwise apply each patch you have in sequence.

Once all 6 updates have been applied (in sequence), you can run Setup and install it to a location of your choice.

For legal reasons the installation requires a copy of the falcon4.exe file that came with the original game. We won't be hosting that for you (also for legal reasons), so you will need to find it on your own. Ask around on IRC or the internet for ways to acquire it.

Updating BMS

If you already have a BMS install present, but not the latest update, it is relatively straightforward to update.

  1. Backup your Conf directory (%BMS_INSTALL%/User/Config/)
  2. If you had your old setup directory, skip the next step
  3. Unzip Falcon_BMS_4.32_Setup.zip to any location
  4. Run any missing updates on the setup directory
  5. Run the setup
  6. Point it to your current BMS installation. It will determine what updates you have and what updates you need installed.
  7. Begin the update.

The backing up of your config directory is solely a Just-In-Case, I always recommend keeping it available.


Now the tough part.

Make a Pilot

Launch the game by hitting Launcher.exe in the directory you installed to and clicking "Launch". Once open, hit "Logbook" at the top, and then "New" at the bottom of the Logbook. Create your pilot here, and be aware of a few things:

  • The voice you select is going to be what you hear for your calls in the game. It has been suggested that a female voice be picked, because most of the AI voices are male and there fore becomes easier to distinguish player calls over other AI.
  • The pilot Name is how you show up in multiplayer games, not by your callsign.
  • Your callsign is used primarily for naming files under your configuration folder.

Once you have made your pilot, exit the game.

Change your configuration

Reopen the Launcher, but this time hit "Configuration". Expand the folders as much as you can (Right click -> Expand All), and make sure your settings match the following pictures.


A few of these are up to user discretion, and a few of them are required to be in sync for everyone who wants to play together. Unfortunately, we aren't sure which are which right now. You are free to set these however you like, but if you can't connect this is a good place to start.

Change the FOV settings for inside the f16 cockpit

Note: You'll want a good text editor for this part, otherwise it will take you a long time. I recommend Sublime Text 2 or Notepad++.

Traverse into your Installed Falcon BMS directory, and navigate here: FalconBMS\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Art

We're going to want to open the ckptart (cockpit art) and, at the very least on the flyable planes, change their 3dckpit.dat file ~line 64 from
viewlimit_pitch_down 70.0;
viewlimit_pitch_down 80.0;

The amount you set is up to you, but most of the time 50 is way too low.

Repeat this process for the ckptartn folder.


  1. Hit Ctrl+F for Find
  2. Select "Find in Files" tab at the top of the new window.
  3. Enter "viewlimit_pitch_down 70.0;" in "Find what:" field.
  4. Enter "viewlimit_pitch_down 80.0;" in "Replace with:" field. (Or whatever value you want).
  5. And enter your FalconBMS "FalconBMS\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Art" directory in the "Directory: " field.
  6. Click "Replace in Files"

Voila, all the occurrences of the viewlimit line will be altered to your liking.

Sublime Text 2

  1. Hit Ctrl+Shift+F
  2. Enter "viewlimit_pitch_down 70.0;" in "Find: " field.
  3. And enter your FalconBMS "FalconBMS\Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Art" directory in the "Where: " field.
  4. Enter "viewlimit_pitch_down 80.0;" in "Replace" field. (Or whatever value you want).
  5. Hit 'Replace' at the bottom right. You'll receive a popup indicating how many files were changed.

And you're done.

Israel Campaign

Download Israel from here: http://www.bmsforum.org/forum/showthread.php?17287-Israel-Theater And install. Note that settings labeled (AFFECTS ALL THEATERS) are multiplayer critical, and everyone should have the same settings here when playing online.

Configuration settings:


Joystick Setup

X52 Pro/NonPro

Download Iron's profile archive from here, and extract it to a different folder. Import the appropriate .pr0 file into the saitek profiler, and load it up. Then, put the appropriate .key file in the same directory as other .key files (FalconBMS\Falcon BMS 4.32\User\Config), and name it as your pilot's callsign.

Launch the game, and import the .key file in the controls menu. Go into advanced for controllers, and make sure the throttle axis is set correctly. If you want to use the afterburner on your x52, push the throttle up to the detent (the pressure that you can push past) and hit 'Set AB'. Anything after that will be counted as afterburner thrust. In addition, other axis' should be bound on your stick. See the below picture for how to map them. These menus are available in Setup -> Controls -> Advanced.. This picture is for an X-52 NonPro. The Pro version will be similar but have slightly different names when selecting axis. Refer to the profile graphic for details on what axis' should be bound to what.


In addition, set the mousewheel sensitivity as far left as it goes.

HOTAS Warthog

Instructions for the Warthog in BMS can be found here.

For version 4.33 and higher, you need a fixed keyfile and TARGET script by Boxin and MrTheOx.

Logitech G940

Crow on the BMS forums has a G940 profile.

CH FighterStick and Pro throttle

Phoenix has created a profile for the CH Fighterstick and Pro throttle. It can be found here

Making your own keyfile

If you don't have an X52 or HOTAS Warthog, you either need to search for a .key file somewhere on the internet or make your own. This link will describe the process of how the .key files work. If you wish to use a modifier/shiftstate button, (broken link) this article on BMS describes how to make the HOTAS Pinky button a shift state button.

DataTape Setup

This occurs on the campaign map, and only needs to be done once.

On the campaign map there is a button near the bottom right, above the sunshine/clouds button, which looks like a filing cabinet. Click on it to open the Data Cartridge editing window.

Select EWS. Here, you can program the chaff/flare countermeasures. Click the Reset button to ensure that the default CMS programs are loaded. Otherwise, your chaff/flare commands might not do anything.

Select Modes. Here, you can select the default MFD pages. The following settings are recommended until you are knowledgeable enough to make your own changes.

The bold is the mastermode selection (dropdown far left). Prior to the dash is the next dropdown to the right, indicating which screen these functions are available on. And Right of the dash are the functions assigned to each MFD.

A-G Mastermode

MFD1 - FCR HAD SMS Primary

MFD2 - HSD WPN TGP Primary

A-A Mastermode

MFD1 - FCR MfdOff RWR Primary

MFD2 - HSD SMS TGP Primary

NAV Mastermode

MFD1 - FCR HAD RWR Primary

MFD2 - HSD SMS TGP Primary

MRM Mastermode

MFD1 - FCR MfdOff RWR Primary

MFD2 - HSD SMS TGP Primary

DGFT Mastermode

MFD1 - FCR MfdOff RWR Primary

MFD2 - HSD SMS TGP Secondary


This playlist on youtube will cover a large amount of the content in Falcon BMS. There's a lot to cover, but it's pretty well presented information. Ignore the mispronounciation of AMRAAM.