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So we've been working on a little something. The Hoggit Skin Pack!

DOWNLOAD v0.7 HERE (as of 5-13-13)

This thread will serve as a central download and updates will link back here.

What is it?

We've skinned a lot of jets with players in mind. Screenshots galore!

What parts are what?

We've broken it down like this. Everyone gets their nameplate and their choice of art next to it. This is ~300x300px. Next is the left engine, this is the Hoggit logo with some exceptions. Then the right engine is community inspired art, you can veto it if its too embarrassing but general hijinks will end up here.

For example, Butters managed to kill 2 KC-135s during a tanker mission hence his logo. Exceptions made here for former military with their unit logos. The tail stripes are a little more specific and need to fit there. The tail codes are either the closest base code or your state in lieu of that.

How do I make the jets use it?

Well DCS sucks at this, for others to see them they need to have it downloaded or it will default to another skin. Also each jet must have its skin set in the mission editor. Initially we have a Tuesday Night Noob map with everyone in it but going forward it would not take the host very long to go through the mission file before you start and throw whoever is going to fly's skin on the jets. Short of a large on station mission this is plausible.

For installation instructions see the section below.

Manual Installation (DCS World)

  1. Download the file here __NOT WORKING(?)__
  2. Open the Zip file and extract the Bazar folder to your DCS World root folder, overwriting any files it asks to.
  3. Navigate to Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config and open graphics.lua. Notepadd++ is HIGHLY recommend if not required.
  4. Press Ctrl + F to bring up the find window and search for VFS. It should find a line that consists of VFSTexturePaths, probably around line 27.
  5. Add a line below the { (left curly bracket) and above the line that reads "./Bazar/TempTextures", then on that new line paste the following

The section should now look like this:

   VFSTexturePaths =

Save the file and you should be done.

NOTE: Editing graphics.lua WILL need to be redone after every DCS autoupdate. It WILL NOT need to be repeated for skin pack updates.

Installation (DCS:A-10C Only, Deprecated)

Hoggit Custom Texture Manager

So This Shiny Helper Tool Exists. If you dont want to mess with downloading and unzipping these yourself, and having to mess with .cfg files because they are scary and such, have no fear! This application only has buttons, and you cant push them in the wrong order!

DOWNLOAD: Hoggit Custom Texture Manager

  1. Click the button (top right "...") and find your DCS.exe in the "Bin" folder of your DCS Install Directory. That would be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dcs a-10c warthog\bin\DCS.exe" for me.
  2. Click Open
  3. You can see the components that you currently have installed by the green / red check boxes above the bottom progress bar. You can "Install" and "Uninstall" the graphics.cfg modifications with the buttons at the top right at this time. You can also see a list of the current textures installed.
  4. Enter this link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26989268/HoggitSkinPackage%20v0.3.zip into the text box and click "Download"
  5. Wait for the download to finish (Progress bar on the bottom)
  6. Click "Unpackage" A message box should pop up warning you that the program will attempt to launch 7z.exe and a security warning may appear. Click "Ok".
  7. Click "Run" on the security warning if you are unsure of the 7za.exe I provided you can get another right here
  8. Click "Install" to apply the graphics.cfg changes.

If everything is done right the 4 check boxes on the bottom should be green and checked.

Usage - Simple Version

  1. Find DCS.exe in your BIN folder in the DCS Install Directory
  2. Copy "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26989268/HoggitSkinPackage%20v0.3.zip" into "Zip Archive Online"
  3. Click "Download"
  4. Click "Unpackage"
  5. Click "Ok"
  6. Click "Run"
  7. Click "Install"


  1. Launch The Program
  2. Click the button (top right "...") and find your DCS.exe in the "Bin" folder of your DCS Install Directory. # That would be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dcs a-10c warthog\bin\DCS.exe" for me.
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. The checkbox labeled "Graphics.cfg Modification" should turn red.

Note: Its late, so there are bound to be spelling errors, its tested well though. Good Luck!

Hog Driver Skin Pack List v.4 Release

  • AlphaLima
  • Ashmai
  • Blackley1
  • Blix
  • Butters
  • Crispy
  • Dude
  • Foxx
  • GrayWo1f
  • Grimes
  • Hoozin
  • I_Lyke_Money
  • Iron
  • Korin
  • MonkeyPaws
  • Pheonix
  • RonUSMC
  • StarTrekMike
  • Squinkys
  • Zelly

Wait im not in it! - Settle down now! Its just a couple of us doing this and we cant get to everyone. Also we need ideas and art for what you want on your skin. Some of the skins in the pack are not 100% right now as it is.