Ka-50 Systems

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Russian Air Force Kamov Ka-50.

Navigation and Aviation

KA-50:Cockpit - Familiarization and layout.

KA-50:ABRIS - Finding your way around in the world.

KA-50:PVI-800 - Inertial Navigation Computer

KA-50:Lighting - Interior and exterior lighting.

KA-50:HOTAS - HOTAS Controls and use.

KA-50:Quick Startup - How to get into the air as fast as possible.

KA-50:Basic Flight

Tactical Systems and Situational Awareness

KA-50:LWR - About the Laser Warning Receiver - Too cool for radar.

KA-50:HUD - Information about the HUD.

Communications and Data Sharing

KA-50:Radios - Information about the KA-50 radios and radio usage.

KA-50:Datalink - How to point at things you want your wingman to shoot.

Weapon and defensive systems

KA-50:Weapon Control Panel - Flip switch, go boom.

KA-50:Guided Weapon Overview

KA-50:Unguided Weapon Overview


Avionics and flight systems