M-2000C Systems

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Radar modes

The Radar in the M-2000C has 4 positions.

  • Rearm - Radar not operational
  • P CH - Radar warmup
  • SIL - Silent mode. Puts your radar into standby, no emissions.
  • EM - Emit. Standard operation of radar.

The Radar can operate in different scope modes. The standard is PPI, Plan Position Indicator. The second is B-scope. B-scope is the same type as the F-15C's radar display.

IFF System

IFF is simulated to a basic level in the M-2000C. IFF is essential if you plan on doing Air to Air in the Mirage. You do need to have an aircraft locked to use IFF in the Mirage. It can used while the aircraft is in scan mode. It must be activated and used manually by the pilot. To activate the IFF go to the panel underneath your INS, right side. You will find two rotary dials;

The left rotary dial controls the length of the interrogation in seconds (NOT SURE IF CORRECT?):

  • 1
  • 4
  • 3/2
  • 3/3
  • 3/4
  • 2

The right rotary dial controls the mode of operation:

  • OFF - Disables the IFF system
  • SECT - This interrogates a small area around your TDC when you IFF interrogate
  • CONT - This interrogates your entire radar display. This is the best mode to use

If you perform an IFF interrogation while scanning (S to interrogate) friendly aircraft will have a diamond within their V on the radar display. Hostile aircraft will not.

If you perform an IFF interrogation while an aircraft is locked, friendly aircraft will change from |V| to ||V||. You will also see an A indication appear on the HUD. A indicates a friendly aircraft. D indicates an enemy aircraft.