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Getting together a mission

We as of yet don't have any formal processes for getting a mission together. As for now if you would like to host a mission, or request someone host a mission, make a thread for it at the /r/hoggit subreddit, jump on IRC at freenode on channel #hoggit, or discord. Feel free to place restrictions on your missions, if you want to run a 2 ship with the first person that responds, or a 20 man free for all PvP go for it.


We recommend using TARS for any mission running with more than just a few people. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and it's incredibly worth it. Setting up TARS for in game communications

SL Mod

Slmod is a serverside mod which adds functionality to mission scripting. It also has expanded into functionality that covers server administration and mission/player statistics collection. Some mission may require slmod to be installed in order to function correctly. For example Separatists Aggression uses slmods functionality to trigger events through the multiplayer chat system, however due to how the mission is setup slmod isn't a requirement to actually play and progress through the mission. Other missions require slmod to function. If you wish to host one of these, you will need to download and install it.

NOTE: Clients do not need SL Mod installed to play on SL Mod missions. You only need to perform the steps below if you intend on hosting an SL Mod powered mission


  1. Download [v7] or [v7.2 (Unofficial)]
  2. Open the rar file.
  3. Paste the "Scripts" folder located in this directory into your C:/Users/<Your Account>/Saved Games/DCS/ folder.


  1. Start DCS Multiplayer. A new config.lua file will be created in C:/Users/<Your Account>/Saved Games/DCS/Slmod/.
  2. Configure the new config.lua file as desired.


  1. Copy the MissionScripting.lua file out of C:/Users/<Your Account>/Saved Games/DCS/Scripts/net/Slmodv7_0/Original Files/, then paste this file over your C:/Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCSworld/Scripts/MissionScripting.lua file.... OR JUST DO A REPAIR VIA THE DCS AUTOUPDATER.
  2. Delete the "Scripts" folder located in your C:/Users/<Your Account>/Saved Games/DCS/ folder.

NOTE: The creator of Slmod "Speed" has been absent for several months, Grimes has taken the liberty of fixing stats issues created by changes in the DCS event handling. Version 7.0 is the latest official release. Version 7.1 is a modification by Grimes.

NOTE 2: SlmodMissionScripting.lua adds a small extra protection to servers and clients by sanitizing the "debug" lua enviornment. This change has a knock-on effect of failing to properly display a lua syntax error for mission builders who use the simulator scripting engine to create. If you ever see an error message 'ERROR IN ERROR HANDLING', then you have been effected by this change. To fix simply comment out line 1273 from slmodMissionScripting.lua

Tips on running a successful mission

DCS is a technically demanding game where things can (and often do) go wrong. Patience is a must to have a successful mission night.
  1. Be flexible
    • DCS A-10 is a highly technical game with many issues that can (and do) occur regularly. Encourage everyone to arrive early, but be understanding if you don't get off the ground at exactly the fragged time.
  2. Use TARS for larger groups or multiple flights.
    • Communication channels on the Teamspeak Server can get crowded and saturated quickly when you start having groups of 4 or larger. You could use temporary or sub channels, but then you lose the ability to talk across flights except in text chat. Lame. Also you get all the awesome modulation and degradation effects.
  3. Read the briefing and make sure everyone is aware of the objectives ahead of time if possible.

Multiplayer Missions

No flight wing would be very effective without missions to fly together. Hosting one of these missions is usually as simple as downloading and extracting (if needed) the file to a location that you can call up later in the START SERVER option of the multiplayer lobby. Missions with additional requirements will be noted.

If you are looking for missions to run we have a list of missions we have flown available here.

C - CDU Entry (Lat Long/UTM Coords)
A - A2A Refueling Required
N - Night Ops
H - Host F10 Radio
S - Special Skins Supported
SLMod Required

Mission Name Mission Designer World Compatible Difficulty Time A-10 Flights/Slots Ka-50 Flights/Slots UH-1H Flights/Slots Special Considerations
Northern Plunder Part 1 2/14 0
Northern Plunder Part 2 2/14 0
FOB Vetka Joyride Tested, Works 3/5 2 Hrs 4-6 0 C
Standby CSAR Joyride Untested 4/5 2.5-3 Hrs 4-6 0 AC
Operation Hacienda Joyride Untested 4.5/5 3.5 hrs 4-6 0 AC
Sky Cap Joyride Untested 3.5/5 3 Hrs 6-8 2 C
Operation Gridiron Joyride Untested 3/5 2 Hrs 4-8 0 NC
Separatist Aggression 1 Graywo1f Yes 2/5 4+ hrs 4-8 2-4 C (N Opt.)
Separatist Aggression 2 Graywo1f Yes 3/5 3 hrs 4-8 2-4 C (N Opt.)
Separatist Aggression 3 Graywo1f Yes 3/5 3 hrs 4-8 8 C (N Opt.)
Separatist Aggression 4 Graywo1f Yes 3/5 3 hrs 4-8 6 C (N Opt.)
Operation Pilot Search Ranger79 Untested 3.5/5 3+ Hrs 6-13 4 C (A Rec.)
Operation Northern Plunder (Campaign) Ranger79 Untested 3.5/5 3 Hrs 4-16 0 CN
Dragons Mission Pack Dragon Yes 1-4/5 1-4 Hrs 2-6 4 Varying Diffuculty
On Station Grimes Yes see thread 3/5 4+ Hrs 1-16 0 C SLMod
Operation Raindrop mia389 Untested 3/5 2 Hrs 4-6 0 C SLMod
Shadows of Karabakh (Campaign) Dooom Untested varies varies 4 0
Operation Lagavulin Druid Untested 3.5/5 2-4 0 ACH
Operation Talisker Druid Untested 2-6 0
Senaki Storm Shelt Untested 6 0 SC
Operation Elhotovo Shelt Untested
Operation Pushback I & II COUGAR Untested 8
Operation Cherkessk MadTommy Untested
Build-Up in Patara Valley StrongHarm Untested
Kashuri CAS Speed Untested
Hornet's Nest Ptroinks Untested
Operation First Strike Geskes Untested
Full Frontal Bahger Untested
Taking Krymsk LostOblivion Untested
Operation Saturn mia389 Untested
Border Patrol WildFire Untested
Operation Pluto mia389 Untested
Operation Pushback III COUGAR Untested
Intervention Prevention Speed Untested
Insurgents Revelation Untested
Operation Saucage and Cheese [sic] Geskes Untested
High Stakes LostOblivion Untested
Dawn Patrol Bahger Untested
Operation Vertical Limit jeffyd123 Untested
Operation Nunchuck mia389 Tested, Works
Operation Bactria Habu23 Tested, Works 2-3/5 1-4 Hrs 2-4-10 0 CN
InsugentCamp Zelly Tested, Works ∞/5 varies 0 0 8 Insanity