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funkybside (talk) - Maybe change the name of "Main Page" to "Hoggit Main Page" and lose the "=Hoggit - DCS World and A-10" heading. Seems doubled. I didn't make this change myself because I don't want to be responsible for causing all links home to go orphan.

funkybside (talk) Also see this: Wikipedia Tables. They have more options in the this a mod we can install?

funkybside (talk) I'm thinking that while our intentions will be good, over time the organization may become an issue (or just be something that needs re-thought. Might be a good idea to have a 'sandbox' section on the main (or sub linked by main), where we can throw links to pages currently in development. As we see what comes up, it might make understanding what the best organizational structure is from Main on down. Just thinking out loud to ideas obv.

funkybside (talk) Notes to self for page ideas: Tutorials for using each type of weapon (day 1, let's get in and blow shit up guide). Overviews of DSMS & Profiles. Video repository (mod to allow embeds?) Getting to know your mod team? (just kidding ;) Currently working on Skin Pack page and Threat Guide. Blackshark info? Where's happypants when you need him.