Tuesday Night Noob

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Tuesday Night Noob map overview

Much thanks to Iron who originally put together this guide on reddit.

What is Tuesday Night Noob?

Hoggit is always friendly to new players, and Tuesday nights (US time) in particular are dedicated to learning and experimenting for both new and experienced players. Everyone of all skill levels in all aircraft are welcome!

What can I expect?

You'll see it in the DCS multiplayer menu server browser as: "/r/Hoggit Tuesday Night Noob (TS: hoggit.us)" We host a mission with large target ranges of various difficulties and many assorted ground and air-start loadouts to let you pick what you fly and fight with what you choose, including difficulty. There are JTAC units on the ground and tankers and AWACS in the air for players wanting to interact with them. The mission is regularly evolving and added upon depending on what people want to practice.

How do I get help?

You can show up whenever you like on Tuesday evening, our Teamspeak usually has plenty of helpful pilots happy to answer any questions you might have. Even if we're not in DCS-related channel (idling in the Lobby or Quiet Room, or a different game channel as examples), don't hesitate to poke us or send a PM if you have a question. If one person isn't answering, don't be afraid to try another; if one person can't answer your question, we'll try to find someone who can. All of Hoggit mobilizes to help on Tuesdays, and no polite question will be ignored. Generally the environment is extremely relaxed and free-form; practice whatever you like and ask us anything. If there is demand for it we may dedicate a Tuesday to a particular topic, and that event will get its own post.

Do I need to know anything coming in?

No, not necessarily. But if you are new to DCS A-10C we recommend you do a few simple things prior to joining that will help you and us a lot.

  1. Print this pdf; you can read about it here. Also if you are using a keyboard for the HOTAS controls it is recommended to you print out this PDF as well; more info available here.
  2. If you have time it is recommended that you complete the following tutorials in the game:
    • A-10C Familiarization: Introduction to the A-10C, and HOTAS Fundamentals
    • Aircraft Operation: Aircraft Start-Up
    • Combat Employment: Digital Stores Management System (DSMS)

Don't worry if you have to do them multiple times to get everything, they cover a large amount of information.

The above PDFs are an excellent quick reference that will make understanding the controls much easier. You don't need to memorize the tutorials, but having seen them first will help you immensely when you ask someone a question and their response includes more three letter acronyms than there are government agencies.

This mission requires an up to date DCS World (or Steam version). For more details on DCS World and the modules, see our DCS World Getting Started Guide / FAQ

This mission features the Hoggit Community Skin Pack. It is entirely optional, and you won't have any errors or strange-looking objects if you don't have it. We encourage you to check it out though. It is a continually evolving project as we skin more jets for members of Hoggit, and we like letting people have their own personalized aircraft. You can have one too! Read the Skin Pack thread and make a post with suggestions for your nose and name. As you get to know other Hoggiters, remind them to come up with a fun suggestion for your right engine and we'll get your skin included in the pack.

This mission file is a heavily modified Dragon's Weapons Training V2.5. We prefer that the Tuesday Night Noob! branded mission file only be run by a volunteer host for Hoggit on Tuesday nights, so if you'd to host for us, ask AlphaLima or Iron and they'll get you a link to the newest version. Here is an otherwise identical version of the TNN mission with the TNN-particulars removed from the briefing text for anyone who might want to use it on their own at any time.

Want to teach a class or run a TNN session?

Send us a message on reddit with the subject TNN letting us know what you want to cover. If we don't get back to you in a reasonable amount of time just throw it up with a thread on the subreddit and go ahead and feel free to run it on your own accord.