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|vNum= 2.5.0
|vNum= 2.5.0
|par1= [[DCS_singleton_net|net (mission)]]
|par1= [[DCS_singleton_net|net]]
|par2= [[DCS_server_gameGUI|net (server)]]
|par2= [[DCS_server_gameGUI|net (server)]]

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Envrioment: Server
Function: get_player_list Added with: 2.5.0
Member Of: net, net (server)
Syntax: table net.get_player_list( )
Description: Returns a table of players currently connected to the server.

Return Value: table
Return Example:
Related Functions: Network API: send_chat, send_chat_to, recv_chat, load_mission, load_next_mission, get_player_list, get_my_player_id, get_server_id, get_player_info, kick, get_stat, get_name, get_slot, set_slot, force_player_slot, lua2json, json2lua, dostring_in, log, trace