Getting Started With Multiplayer

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So you've finally decided to take the leap into playing multiplayer. Congratulations, you're taking a big step into the unknown here and I'm here to help!

So What do You Want to Do?

In terms of online play there's basically four kinds of servers.

Standalone Player Hosted Servers

These are small scale servers usually thrown up for a few friends to jump on and do pretty much whatever they want. All the way from fighting each other in air to air combat, to working cooperatively to complete a mission. This represents most of the multiplayer servers you'll see in the server browser, and many of them are password protected so that only the host and his friends can jump on and play. These are the simplest to get up and running, all you need to do is find or create a mission you want to play, click "multiplayer" from the main menu, and then click "New Server" and follow the instructions.

Dedicated Servers running PvE (Player vs Environment) missions

These are servers that run for long amounts of time and are designed for players to come and go over time and work together cooperatively to achieve objectives. Many online communities run a dedicated server intended for members of their community and the public to join and fly on. PVE missions generally feature things like radio menu options and text notifications to let you know what the current objectives are.

Dedicated Servers running PvP (Player vs Player) missions

These are the classic "airquake" servers. The entire point is to join a side, get in the sky, and shoot down as many players on the other team as you can.

Dedicated Servers running missions that feature both PvP and PvE objectives

A good example of a mission like this is Mudspike's Blueflag, where players join a side, and work together with their team to capture objectives that are defended by players and AI alike.

So once you've decided what you want to do, the next step is finding a server and a group of people to play with. For public servers like Blueflag it's very easy to just jump on and get started. All of your objectives are clear, and in no-time you'll be in the sky with a bunch of other players.

Hoggit Discord's #Briefing-Room Channel

Another good way to get started is to find a group of people and go flying with them. Hoggit in particular has a #briefing-room channel in our Discord that is purpose built for people looking to get together and fly. You can also feel free to hang out and get to know a bunch of other enthusiasts in the #general and #lounge channels while you're there.

Tuesday Night Noob

If all of that is a bit too intimidating for you, a great place to start is to join one of Hoggit's Tuesday Night Noob sessions, we run a server and get in voice comms with the purpose of teaching players new techniques and getting them used to playing DCS World in multiplayer.

See Tuesday Night Noob

Need More Info?

If you want a little more info to get more comfortable with the idea of getting started with multiplayer, always feel free to join the Hoggit Discord, introduce yourself and ask any questions you have. We have a large community of people who coalesced around the idea of creating a laid back place for flight simmers to get together and help each other out. We were all new once so there's always someone willing to lend a hand!