Hoggit Instructors

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This page lists the Hoggit instructors; individuals that you can approach for instruction on their various aircraft.

Contacting an Instructor


The Instructors

Instructor Name Discord Handle Reddit Account Areas of Knowledge
Acidic Acidic#0001 Acidictadpole Mission scripting, A-10C
Blackbird Blackbird#9371 blackbird300793 ATC, comms, F/A-18C, F-14B RIO, A-10C, AV-8B, M2000C, AJS37, UH-1H, KA-50, P-51
Brad_Chanderson Brad_Chanderson#4502 Brad_Chanderson Hardware, VR, F-14B Pilot, Su-27, F/A-18C, UH-1H, F-5E
Cajunvoodoo Cajunvoodoo#1660 thomasvoid F/A-18C, F-15C, M2000C, A-10C, Su-33
Cosmicdoubloon Cosmicdoubloon#2293 cosmicdoubloon A-10C, all FC3, C-101, L-39, F-5E, SA342, FW-190, ATC, BFM, mission editor
GlidingWolf GlidingWolf [DUEAG]#2710 GlidingWolfie ATC, comms, GCI, LotATC, general procedures, F/A-18C
LazyBoot LazyBoot#0001 LazyBoot F/A-18C, AJS37, AV-8B, MI-8, SA342, F-14B.
Llama Llama#3191 CMDRLlamaKing Ka50, AJS37, AV-8B, M2000C, SA342, UH-1H, F-15C, Su-27
Nomad Yang Xiao Long#0071 Ltnomad ATC, comms, F-15C, TF-51D, AV-8B, BVR
Osiris Osiris#9893 400Osiris F/A-18C, A-10C, F-14B
Falcon672 Falcon672#4783 Falcon672 A-10C,F-14B,ATC,GCI,lotATC,Comms,Carrier Procedures.
squinkys squinkys#1776 squinkys Fundamentals of flight, ATC, carrier procedures, F/A-18C, A-10C, Mi-8, UH-1H


Event name Date Host Server
Example Event Jan 11, 2019 Acidic TNN
F-14 RIO Basics March 10, 2019 Falcon TNN