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Added with: Mist 2.0
Returns a table of a valid waypoint entry that is defined by the vec2 or vec3 coordinate of point. The optional varibale string formation defines the type of formation used with the waypoint, if no formation is given the formation will default to "cone". The optional variable speed takes a numerical value in meters per second and assigns it to the waypoint. If speed is not defined the mission editor default of 20 kilometers per hour will be used.
table mist.fixedWing.buildWP(table vec2/vec3 , string type ,number speed ,number altitude ,string altitudeType )
Valid Input Values:
vec2/vec3 = valid vec2/vec3 table



speed = any number for the speed in meters per second. If not present defaults to 500 kilometers per hour

altitude = any positive number in meters. If not present defaults to 2000 meters

altitude type = "BARO", "ASL", "RADIO", or "AGL" If not present defaults to Radio(AGL)

 Baro (ASL)  - The altitude will be measured Above Sea Level 
 Radio (AGL) - The altitude will be measured Above Ground Level
Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:
 local path = {} 
 path[#path + 1] = mist.fixedWing.buildWP(startPoint, TurningPoint, 120, 200, 'agl') 
 path[#path + 1] = mist.fixedWing.buildWP(destPoint, TurningPoint, 170, 10, 'agl') 

Functionally similar to buildWP(helicopter) except default values are adjusted for fixed wing aircraft.
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