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Added with: Mist 2.0
Function will set the task of the specified group to go a random distance and direction from its current location. group can be either a group name or a group table. Distance is the max distance from the

current location. If not specified a random distance between 300 and 1000 meters will be defined. form is the default formation name in as defined by the scripting engine. See mist.ground.buildWP or the Scripting Engine wiki for details. heading is the final heading the group will be oriented in once it reaches its destination. speed is the speed in kilometers per hour that the group will travel at to reach its destination.

nothing mist.groupRandomDistSelf(table/string groupTable/groupName , number distance ,string formation ,number heading ,number speed )
Valid Input Values:
group = 'myGroup'
 distance = 5400
 formation= 'cone'
 heading= 270
 speed= 10
Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:


mist.groupRandomDistSelf('myGroup2', 6000, 'cone')


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