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Added with: Mist 4.2
Creates a logger object of a specified name and message level. All logs are added to your DCS.log file depending on the level set. If level is not defined a default value of 2 or "warn" will be set.
object mist.Logger:new(string name , string/number level )
Valid Input Values:
String must be any valid object name.

Level can be either a string or a number. The following numbers and string values are the only acceptable values:

 0 = 'none' or 'off'
 1 = 'error'
 2 = 'warning'
 3 = 'info'
Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:
The following are different ways to make a logger.
 myLogger = mist.Logger:new("MyScript")
 myLogger = mist.Logger:new("MyScript", 2)
 myLogger = mist.Logger:new("MyScript", "info")
Related Functions
new, setLevel, msg, info, warn, error, alert

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