Tuesday Night Noob

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Tuesday Night Noob

Tuesday Night Noob (A.K.A TNN) is a large-scale training MP session that runs every Tuesday that's focuses on training up the newer folks (just like this weekly thread) in DCS. Every DCS module is available in this mission, and there are numerous ranges to test your skills at. There are always knowledgeable folks around to answer any questions you might have, or show you how to do what it is you're looking to learn. Anyone can join, even if you've never stepped foot in a MP session before.

How To Join

TNN runs every Tuesday at around 8pm EDT on our dedicated server. We use Simple Radio Standalone and Discord for communications.

The password for the server is available on the sidebar of the subreddit, or available in discord.


  • Be excellent to eachother
  • PvP is not allowed*
    • You may organize dogfights away from the main training areas with people who agree to it.
  • Do not yell at or be upset with other people's flying. Everyone here is trying to learn something. If they mess up, let them know nicely.

Tuesday Noob Question Thread

Tuesday Noob Questions (A.K.A. TNQ) is a weekly thread on the subreddit where new players can ask any questions about the game or planes.

Visit https://weekly.hoggitworld.com/ for the latest thread.