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DCS can be made to run on linux. You will need to use either wine or proton.

Using Wine

This is most useful for those who are on standalone. You can use Lutris to make installation easier. https://lutris.net/games/dcs-world/

Using Proton

This requires that you have your games on Steam.

As of October 2022 the following steps are confirmed to be working on Kubuntu 22.04:

Enable compatibility mode for DCS in the properties by going into the compatibility tab and enabling the tickbox in the settings. Choose Proton 7 or Proton Experimental as the version

Go to the General tab, and set up the following launch options:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES='wbemprox=n' %command%

DCS should now start up normally.

If you get an error with compiling the shaders during startup, you can use to fix that:
protontricks 223750 d3dcompiler_47


OpenTrack can de made to run under Proton using a tool called SteamTinkerLink to run multiple programs inside the same prefix. SRS might work this way as well. (not sure yet)

Useful resources:

https://github.com/TheZoq2/dcs_on_linux : Git documentation for running DCS using Wine.

https://www.protondb.com/app/223750 : ProtonDB page for DCS.

https://matrix.to/#/#dcs-on-linux:matrix.org : A matrix space to discuss running DCS on linux. Matrix is kind of a counterpart to Discord that does respect your privacy.

N.B. This page is a stub. It will be expanded on at a later date.