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Welcome to Hoggit's DCS: World Wiki! We're a noob-friendly SeriousFaceTM multiplayer and singleplayer flight simulation community based on Reddit. This Wiki is meant to be a resource for anyone looking for information on the simulations we primarily play, DCS: World and Falcon BMS. We're gathering and organizing all the information related to the games, their peripherals, their quirks, and their tweaks/mods into this central repository in hopes that the World community will find it a valuable "one-stop shop" resource for everything you'd want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DCS World?

Looking for MIST/Scripting Documentation?

Hoggit was created as a laid back place for flight simmers of all skill levels to get together and fly online all while learning the modules of DCS World. Multiplayer DCS World groups tend to be very strict and regimented so we wanted to create a niche where people could casually come together and focus on having a good time. A great place to start is our Discord, where you'll find a community of sim pilots who are always willing to lend a hand to a new player, or just talk about sims in general.

DCS World Modules