DCS on linux

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THis page is a stub. It will be expanded on at a later date.

DCS can be made to run on linux. You will need to use either wine or proton

useful resources:



Using Wine: This is most useful for those who are on standalone.

Using Proton

this requires that you have your games on Steam.

As of 2022-08-03 the following steps are confirmed to be working on Kubuntu 22.04:

Enable compatibility mode for DCS in the properties by going into the compatibility tab and enabling the tickbox in the settings. Choose Proton 7 or Proton Experimental as the version

Go to the General tab, and set up the following launch options:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES='wbemprox=n;msdmo=n' %command% --old-login

DCS should now start up normally.