Falcon BMS

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Falcon BMS

Norwegian F16A over Balkans.jpg

Please Note that Falcon BMS is not a DCS World Module

Falcon BMS is a free modification for Falcon 4 that takes the game to DCS levels of systems modeling. Check the tutorials section for an installation guide!

The following information is valid as of BMS 4.35 Update 1. Although many F-16 variants ranging from the F-16A all the way up to the Israeli F-16I and Greek Block 52+ can be flown, the avionics as represented in BMS 4.35 is that of the USAF Block 50/52 with a few exceptions. As a side-note, the Block 50 (as well as 30 and 40) is powered by General Electric (GE) engines and the Block 52 (as well as 32 and 42) is powered by Pratt and Whitney (PW) engines. There are minor differences between the P&W and the GE engines such as maximum thrust.

F-16 Systems Weapons, Cockpit, and Weapons Employment

Falcon BMS Systems



Installing the game

Controls and Data Cartridge

BMS VR Setup

Flying the jet

Cockpit Orientation, Navigation, and Formation Flying

Start up

Taxi and Takeoff

ILS and Landing

-Big thanks to Krause for making his tutorials on falcon

Standard Procedures

Ramp Start - Taxi - Takeoff

Fence In

Fence Out


Air-Air Refueling