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There is no direct support for VR in Falcon BMS today. It is possible to make use of 6DoF that VR supports, using tools listed below.

It is possible to see 2D game in VR using OpenTrack. Currently the 3D depth (stereoscopic) is messed up with the HUD.

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BMS in VR - 2D using OpenTrack and SteamVR

At the moment


If you are using Vive, you may skip to step 3

1. Download and install Steam.

2. Configure SteamVR for Oculus Rift. So Your Oculus acts as a Vive :-p

3. Purchase Virtual Desktop ($15)

4. Download and install OpenTrack -

5. Run OpenTrack and select "Valve SteamVR" as input and "FreeTrack 2.0 Enhanced" as output

6. Run BMS and enjoy :)


Best known OpenTrack version for SteamVR -

Other Candidates

3D driver, which converts monon or sterio images to VR.

OpenTrack -

Vireio -

TriDef -

vorpX -

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