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A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that get asked when joining Hoggit or Combat Flight Sims.

Where do I start?

DCS is an intimidating game for people to get into. The first step would be to check out our Setup Guides and ensure your controls are working with DCS. DCS World comes with two free planes, the Su-25T and the TF-51D (trainer version of the P-51D). Check out their training missions inside DCS World, and also check out their linked wiki pages for any resources related to them.

If you have a particular module you'd like to learn, check out Chuck's Guide for that module (usually linked on our wiki's pages for that plane if there's a guide available). It's a great starting point (and reference for later) for every module in DCS.

If you're interested in learning with a group, check out Tuesday Night Noob which Hoggit runs every Tuesday. Joining our Discord is a good way to find people to fly with and learn from.

What gear should I buy?

Very much depends on your budget/seriousness. Our Peripherals Guide should guide you towards some good choices.

Does DCS have sales?

Yes, both Steam and the Eagle Dynamics stores will have sales. Modules are usually discounted on both stores around 30-50%, and the sales will usually occur at different times.

Should I get the Steam Version or Standalone Version?

A point of contention in the DCS community. If you're new to DCS World and are looking to buy a module, AT THIS TIME we suggest the standalone version.

However, there are a few trade-offs to consider:

  • Differences in price due to currency conversions and Steam regions
  • Standalone
    • has 10% cash-back in the form of ED Miles
      • Note that it's essentially a "Buy 10, get 1 for free": if you use any ED miles for a purchase, that specific purchase won't give you any ED miles
    • tends to have sales and free-flight events more frequently
    • gives better version control for roll-backs (in case the newest update breaks something, for example)
  • Steam

Which modules are transferable between Steam and Standalone?

All modules can be transferred from Steam to Standalone, but only some can be transferred from Standalone to Steam. See the ED store page to check each module, if it says "Incompatible with Steam", it can't be transferred to Steam.

How do I transfer a module from Steam to Standalone?

In your steam library, select DCS World. On the product details area, pick "CD Keys", which will cause a popup for all the CD keys for your purchased DLC. You can then redeem this key in your profile within the DCS Website

How do I move to the Open Beta Branch?


  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your DCS World install
  2. Hold LShift + Right click on bin folder and press "Open command prompt here" or "Open PowerShell window here"
  3. Type or paste
.\DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta

If using PowerShell, wrap '@openbeta' in single quotes.


  1. Open steam and navigate your DCS in your library
  2. Right click DCS and pick Properties
  3. Click the betas tab and then from the drop down select "openbeta - Public beta versions"
  4. Steam will now patch your game once you close the dialog box

Once the update is finished, you are good to go.