Frequently Asked Questions

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A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that get asked when joining Hoggit or Combat Flight Sims.

How do I find people to play with?

Discovering hoggit was the first step! We're a multiplayer community, so join our Discord and ask what's going on.

What gear should I buy?

Very much depends on your budget / seriousness. Our Peripherals Guide should guide you towards some good choices.

Does DCS have sales?

Yes, both Steam and the Eagle Dynamics stores will have sales. Modules are usually discounted on both stores around 30-50%, and the sales will usually occur at different times.

Should I get the Steam Version or Standalone Version

A point of contention in the DCS community. There's a few tradeoffs to consider:

  • Steam will usually be a bit behind on updates. The multiplayer scene usually tracks the latest OpenBeta branch, and Steam is sometimes slightly behind on the updates (a few days at most now, it used to be worse).
  • Steam downloads its updates using the Steam infrastructure. The speeds will saturate your home connection fairly well, while the standalone updater uses torrents from ED and the standalone users, and can vary wildly in update speeds.
  • Steam tends to get modules released later than Standalone. The Hornet was due to be out on Steam months after the Standalone, but ED was able to provide it much earlier than expected, but still a few days later than Standalone.

Which modules are transferrable between Steam and Standalone

Any module released up to (but not including) the Mirage 2000C on steam should be transferrable to standalone.

How do I transfer a module from Steam to Standalone

In your steam library, select DCS World. On the product details area, pick "CD Keys", which will cause a popup for all the CD keys for your purchased DLC. You can then redeem this key in your profile within the DCS Website