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Added with: Mist 3.5
Returns a table of units from the table unitNameTable that are inside of the polygon zone.
table mist.getUnitsInPolygon(table unitNameTable ,table poly , number maxAlt )
Valid Input Values:
unitNameTable: mist.makeUnitTable({"[blue][helicopter]"})

poly: mist.getGroupPoints('polyPath1')

maxAlt: 200

Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:
The following will generate a message of the unit names of blue helicopters that are inside a polygon zone designated by the points of a route belonging to a group "weirdShapeLZ".

    local LZ = mist.getGroupPoints("weirdShapeLZ")
    local choppas = mist.makeUnitTable({"[blue][helicopter]"})
    local inZone = mist.getUnitsInPolygon(choppas , LZ)
    local msg = {"The following helicopters are in the landing zone: "}
    for i = 1, #inZone do
       msg[#msg+1] = inZone[i]:getName()
       msg[#msg+1] = "\n"
    trigger.action.outText(table.concat(msg), 20)
Units must be activated to be counted as inside the zone.
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