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Added with: Mist 3.3
Returns a random numerical value based on the input variables. Matches input values of the math.random() function except this function does not support decimals.
number mist.random(number/number low/high , number high )
Valid Input Values:
number low and high, any round number
Return value:
Return example:
any non round number
Usage Examples:
    local randChoice = mist.random(5)
    if randChoice == 1 then
     -- do whatever
    elseif randChoice == 2 then
     -- do whatever2
    elseif randChoice > 2 then
     -- do whatever3
If the optional variable is not present then a random number will be returned between 1 and the required variable.

This function has been created to act as a customized replacement of math.random, specifically for any random choice with less than 50 possibilities.

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