A-10C Radios

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Radio Overview

The A10s radios are located aft of the throttles

The A10 is equipped with 3 radios. A VHF FM radio (30-88MHz), a VHF AM radio (118-150MHz), and a UHF radio (225-400MHz). All 3 are located aft of the throttle quadrant on the left console, you can see them on the cockpit page. They are controlled by the mic switch on the the throttle which relates to the location of the radio.


  • Mic switch forward will use the most forward radio, VHF AM
  • Mic switch down will use the middle radio, UHF
  • Mic switch aft will use the most aft radio, VHF FM

Frequency Usage

The following descriptions apply both to AI entities in DCS A10 and also for TARS in multiplayer.

The FM radio is generally used to communicate with ground forces such as JTACs.

The AM radio is generally used with ATC however when out of contact with ATC it is also used with tankers and as a common frequency between flights.

The UHF radio is generally used as for intraflight communication, sometimes you will find UHF and AM swapped for this purpose.


Setting up TARS for in game communications

Video Tutorial

Below you will find a great video on using the radio in DCS. When combining with TARS they work the same way, you just have to use your TARS bindings. For this reason we recommend binding TARS to the same thing you use for mic switch in DCS: A10.