DCS Bios / Cockpit Building

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DCS Bios

Blue73 F18 Simpit DCS BIOS.jpg

DCS Bios is an export software (developed by a lot of hard-working community members) that lets you interface your hardware with DCS. For example, you can use an Arduino board to use a toggle lever to actuate (lower / raise) the landing gear on your F/A-18C Hornet, or have a Master Caution LED indicator to let you know when pesky problems break your favourite aircraft. If you have done that, you can combine any number of these 'inputs' into a so-called 'panel' of inputs to be the next step :)

Eventually, you can even go completely overboard and build your own simulation cockpit (known as a 'simpit') with it: the one shown here in the thumbnail is an excellent F/A-18C Simpit being build by Blue73 with a lot of clever mechanics and quality code.

Although coding in general is considered (very) difficult and creating hardware for your favourite DCS module(s) may look impossible for you to do, our goal with these wiki pages is to explain all various topics in such a manner that anyone would be able to build their own panel / cockpit

DCS Bios Overview

DCS Bios can be obtained from the "store" github link in the description box and is provided free of charge: it is being developed by a hard-working community over on this github, so if you have any coding experience / want to improve your favourite DCS module feel free to contribute! Simply put, this program works by exporting (cockpit) status data from DCS and sending it to your hardware device of choice: it can also pick up any changes you make to the hardware, such as flipping a switch or rotating a dial and accordingly change something within your DCS module cockpit (like lowering the landing gear or changing the radio frequency).