DCS func getClosestPointOnRoads

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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: getClosestPointOnRoads Added with: 2.5
Member Of: land
Syntax: number, number land.getClosestPointOnRoads(string roadType , number xCoord , number yCoord )
Description: Returns the X and Y values of a coordinate on the nearest road from the given point.

NOTE that this function does not use vec2 or vec3. It uses individual values representing a vec2 for x and y.

Valid road type values: 'roads' and 'railroads'

Return Value: number, number
Return Example: 233324, 423423
Examples: The following returns the closest road to a point.

local testPoint = trigger.misc.getZone('test').point local x, y = land.getClosestPointOnRoads('roads',testPoint.x, testPoint.z)

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