DCS func getTechObjectPos

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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: getTechObjectPos Added with: 2.7
Member Of: Airbase
Syntax: table Airbase.getTechObjectPos(Class Self , number/string ObjectType )
Description: Returns a table of vec3 objects corresponding to the passed value. Seems to only ever return a single object "Tower" object. Have been unable to get it to work with other types.

Return Value: table
Return Example: { ["pos"] = { ["y"] = 30.01003074646, ["x"] = 11039.798828125, ["z"] = 367775.40625, }, }
Examples: Adds the vec3 position of every tower belonging to a blue airbase to a list.
  local ab = coalition.getAirbases(2)
  local everyBlueTowerLocation = {}
  for i = 1 , #ab do
      table.insert(everyBlueTowerLocation, Airbase.getTechObjectPos(ab[i], "towers"))
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