DCS func getValueDictByKey

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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: getValueDictByKey Added with: 1.5
Member Of: env
Syntax: string env.getValueDictByKey(string value )
Description: Returns a string associated with the passed dictionary key value. If the key is not found within the miz the function will return the string that was passed.

Return Value: string
Return Example: string
Examples: groupName = env.getValueDictByKey('DictKey_GroupName_5')
Related Functions: env functions: info, warning, error, setErrorMessageBoxEnabled, getValueDictByKey
Notes: With DCS 1.5 the mission file format has been changed. For localization reasons a large number of items are now saved in a lookup table within the .miz file. When parsing the mission file group names will appear as "Dictkey_groupName_x" however this value is of no use to the scripting engine. This function converts "dict key" value to its actual name.