DCS func get player info

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Envrioment: Server
Function: get_player_info Added with: 2.5.0
Member Of: net, net (server)
Syntax: table net.get_player_info(number playerID , string attribute)
Description: Returns a table of attributes for a given playerId. If optional attribute present only that value is returned.


 'id'    : playerID
 'name'  : player name
 'side'  : 0 - spectators, 1 - red, 2 - blue
 'slot'  : slotID of the player or 
 'ping'  : ping of the player in ms
 'ipaddr': IP address of the player, SERVER ONLY
 'ucid'  : Unique Client Identifier, SERVER ONLY

Return Value: table
Return Example:
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