DCS singleton voiceChat

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Singleton: VoiceChat Added with: 2.5.6
Description: The voice chat singleton is a means of creating customized voice chat rooms for players to interact with each other in multiplayer.
Functions: createRoom
Enumerators and Other Data: Side for which the voice room is available to players.
VoiceChat.Side = {
   NEUTRAL = 0
   RED = 1
   BLUE = 2
   ALL = 3

The type of room that is created.

VoiceChat.RoomType= {
Notes: On initial release the syntax does NOT match that of the rest of the scripting engine. For example VoiceChat.createRoom is named as VoiceChat.CreateRoom. This will be changed soon and the documentation created here will use the corrected version. Additionally there are far more functions in the class, but documentation has not been provided yet.