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Creating a FARP in a mission requires that you place the static object itself, and then some supporting units depending on coalition and function.

FARP Function Eastern Unit(s) Western Unit(s) Both Factions
Radio Comms CP SKP-11 command post M1025 HMMWV APC FARP command post
Electrical Power GPU APA-50 or GPU APA-80 Transport M818
Refueling ATMZ-5, ATZ-10, Transport URAL-375 M978 HEMTT tanker FARP Fuel Depot
Re-Arming URAL-375 transport or Transport M818 FARP Tent, FARP command post, FARP Fuel Depot
Repair UAZ-469, URAL-4320-31, URAL-4320T, ZIL-131 KUNG, KAMAZ Transport M818 FARP Tent

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