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Georgia At War User Guide

What is Georgia At War?

Georgia At War is a dynamic campaign where players start with a small foothold in Russian territory near Ukraine, and must fight their way to Maykop. Players must clear and capture territory to create forward bases to keep the pressure up on the enemy and to keep their airfields supplied. You are pitted against an AI commander who will react to your actions, he'll counter attack territory you've captured, proactively capture territory you aren't guarding, and in general do his best to foil your efforts to extend your front line eastward.

Key Concepts

The F10 Menu

Almost all actions in GAW are done via the F10 menu. This can be used by opening the communication menu (the "\" key by default), and pressing F10 or using the mouse to select "Other".

Capturing Territory

The overall objective in GAW is to capture Maykop. However you won't be able to do that without stringing together smaller victories to expand your center of operations. This is important for 2 reasons. First, you have limited supplies at your base. There are warehouses in the theater that must be captured to ensure that you continue receiving weapons at your base. Second, having to fly back to your starting base to rearm and refuel after sorties will decrease the amount of time you are on station, giving the commander openings to retake territory.

Capturing territory (airfields, and FARPs) is done in one of two ways. First players must clear a path to the territory they intend to capture. The mission is different every time so depending on how the commander chose to deploy his forces this may include removing SAM threats, AAA, mechanized infantry, enemy aircraft, or any number of other enemy units that might be covering the territory.

Once a path has been cleared you have two options. The F10 menu can be used to "Deploy airfield security forces" or "Deploy Warehouse/FARP security forces" to deploy a C-130 or a Blackhawk helicopter to the selected airfield. If they successfully arrive, they will deliver a small force of units to capture and hold the territory.

The second option is that players can use the included CTLD scripts to load up a helicopter with troops and vehicles to capture the airfield themselves. Once friendly ground units are in the vicinity of an airfield or FARP and there is no enemy presence, the airfield will be captured.

Completing Missions

The enemy commander will have many battlefield assets deployed to support his efforts to hold you off. You'll need to soften these assets up to support your push toward Maykop. To see a list of all the available missions, use the F10 menu and select "Get Current Missions". Missions are categorized by type.


SEAD missions involve destroying strategic SAM sites that are deployed across the theater. These missions are critical as these large SAM sites are capable of denying large areas of the map to the players. Completing these missions will allow the blue coalition deeper access into the theater. Su-25T SEAD Guide

Air Interdiction

Battlefield Air Interdiction missions involve attacking assets against mobile ground units like armor columns, artillery, or mechanized infantry. These units are very dangerous to both units on the ground holding territory, and low flying vehicles like helicopters that are needed to deliver troops and vehicles to fortify your front line.


Strikes are attacks against hardened targets like power plants and ammo dumps. Strikes are necessary to complete the mission, and can have effects on the battle like friendly AI bombing runs or fighter sweeps (these are coming soon). Destroying the MOBILE CPs listed here will greatly degrade the AI commander's ability to call in airborne reinforcements.


Naval strikes are similar to strikes except they obviously take place in the open water. Completing these will call in AI friendly units to help with the fight (coming soon), and depending on how the commander has deployed his naval assets clearing these may be necessary to open up deeper areas of the theater.


These are for air-to-air missions to destroy enemy airborne assets like tankers and AWACS to deny the enemy use of those resources.


There are numerous platforms available for players to use to provide CAP for their team. This is a constant need as the AI commander will continuously call in aircraft to stop you. What type of aircraft and how long it takes them to get to the battle is dependent on how many mobile CP's the commander has available. These CP's can be destroyed by the players, and are listed under "Strike" on the "Get Current Missions" menu.


GAW uses CTLD so players in helicopters can ferry troops to airfields to capture them, or deploy units like SAMs to defend and fortify the front line.

The helicopters capable of performing logistics are the Huey and the Mi-8. These helicopters are available from the start at the Anapa area FARPs, and become available at new FARPS and airfields as they are captured. As you can imagine, this means that capturing territory is incredibly important as it allows you to quickly build fortifications on your front line to defend from enemy counter attacks, and gives both CAP and strike aircraft cushions to operate in free from harassment from enemy aircraft.

Anywhere that you see green smoke is a "logistics zone" where you can pick up troops, or spawn crates to build SAMs. These are always relatively close to the airfield where the spawn is located. As you capture airfields, you'll also unlock new logistics zones close to the airfields in question. The specifics of using CTLD are outside of the scope of this document, however it all uses the F10 menu under the "CTLD" section, and it is very self explanatory.

GAW Logistics for more details.

Friendly Assets

GAW features a handful of support units controlled by AI that will help you complete the mission. These units are not invincible and the AI commander will occasionally call in strikes to attempt to destroy them! If they are killed, it will be some time before these assets respawn and become available again.

AWACS provides radar coverage and vectoring for bandits and friendly airbases.

There is a carrier operating in the Black Sea to facilitate naval aviation operations.

There is an LHD also operating in the Black Sea to facilitate VTOL aviation operations.

Passive CAP is occasionally called in to help fight back enemy aircraft for when there are few players online providing CAP

There are forward observer slots available so players can provide human AWACS/ATC

Server Schedule and State Saving

The state of the mission is saved every 10 minutes. In terms of objectives, you'll never lose more than 10 minutes worth of progress in the event of a crash.

The server is restarted every 4 hours, the state is saved, and is reloaded on restart.

Territory that is not captured is considered "reinforced" at this time, when the mission reloads all territory held by either blue or red will be fully reinforced with new defense units. It's critical to complete any territorial capture within the three hour window! Even if you destroy every single enemy unit at an airfield, if you don't capture before a restart the commander will reinforce it with a new complement of defenders!

Players will be given warnings at 30, 20, and 5 minutes before server restart. The server currently cycles between Afternoon, Evening, and Morning missions. While weather is set by METAR of Anapa area when the current miz files were generated.

Tuesday nights we'll be switching the server to Tuesday Night Noob, our training map to help new players ease their way into multiplayer and learn new skills. The mission will not run consistently on Tuesdays depending on turnout for TNN.

We will try to schedule updates for the mission and code during one of the three hour restarts. If we are making updates sometimes it will take a mission a little longer to come back up while we apply updates. In some extreme cases (e.g. the mission is bugged or the game executable is struggling) sometimes we might have to restart the mission outside of the three hour normal restarts. in this case we will make every effort to preserve the state and reload it, but it's not guaranteed.

How to get Involved


Join the Hoggit Discord and check out the #welcome and #georgia-at-war channels.


The server runs Simple Radio at "". User Redditbus created a google doc with the radio frequencies we're going to be using. The ATC/Airfield Communications Guide written by Blackbird contains procedures and brevity for Pilots departing from and arriving at Georgia At War airports.

Video Guides


Su-25T SEAD Guide

Current Status

The current status of GAW can be tracked at Also, Hoggy, our Discord Bot, has the server's status available under his name in the discord.