Hoggit Instructors

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This page lists the Hoggit instructors; individuals that you can approach for instruction on their various aircraft.

Contacting an Instructor


The Instructors

Instructor Name Discord Handle Reddit Account Timezone Areas of Knowledge
agamingbenji Good Olde Benji#0001 dank_bonkripper78 AEST/AEDT A-10C, AV8B NA, F/A-18C, F-14A/B, F-16CM, Comms/RATEL, Basic Airmanship
Cajunvoodoo Cajunvoodoo#1660 thomasvoid F/A-18C, F-15C, M2000C, A-10C, Su-33, Viggen, Ka-50, F-14B RIO
Cosmicdoubloon Cosmicdoubloon#2293 cosmicdoubloon A-10C, SU-25T, all FC3, L-39, F-5E, SA342, ATC, BFM, mission editor, F-14B RIO
Del3te-O Del3te-O#0678 GMT+1 F-14 A/B Pilot and RIO (indepth), LOTATC, AV-8B, A-10C, AJS-37, F/A-18C, Carrier OP basics
Falcon672 Falcon672#4783 Falcon672 A-10C,F-14B,ATC,GCI,lotATC,Comms,Carrier Procedures.
Godzilla godzilla5549#1390 godzilla5549 EST/EDT F/A-18C, F-14 (pilot/RIO), M-2000C, MiG-21bis, FC3, Su-25T, UH-1H, Mi-8, Ka-50, P-47D, TF-51D
JP Supreme#2312 metherinprague EST All modules, preference for older airframes.
Kip Kip#1950 Kip336 GMT +1 Basic A-10C, F-14B, indepth F/A-18C, Basic Airmanship, Comms, Carrier ops
LazyBoot LazyBoot#6437 LazyBoot F/A-18C, AJS37, AV-8B, MI-8, SA342, F-14B, F-16C, JF-17
Ovey Woofer Ovey woofer#5881 Ovey_Woofer CST F-14 ,Mi-8 ,UH-1H ,Mig-21 ,Ka-50 ,SA342 ,AV-8B ,AJS37 ,P-47 ,F-16, Spitfire, A-10C II, F/A-18C
Roco Roco#6600 JF-17, AV-8B, SA342, Basic F/A-18C, Basic MiG-19P
squinkys squinkys#1776 squinkys Fundamentals of flight, ATC, carrier procedures, F/A-18C, A-10C, Mi-8, UH-1H
GlidingWolf GlidingWolf#2710 CET/CEST AH-64D, F-16C, Comms/ATC, GCI, Basic Airmanship and Fundamentals of Flight


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