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LotATC is a 3rd party application for DCS World, written by DArt, that displays the active map of a server in a more friendly and accurate view to simulate the radar screen of an Air Intercept Controller or other radar operator. It provides tools for persistent BRAA (Bearing Range Altitude Azimuth) and for controlling precision approaches to all the airfields in the existing DCS World terrains. The application will also interface with Universe Radio to simulate Transponder and IFF functionality.

From their site:

“LotAtc is a client + server software witch is connected with DCS World Simulator and provide users to get an ATC/CGI view of the battle. Play the role of a tactical or air traffic controller and provide help to human pilots so that they better accomplish their missions, by radioing them a picture or guidance instructions!”

LotATC Client


To get started with LotATC, download the Client installer. (Note. Beta: 2.0.0-beta1 is required for usage on Hoggit servers.)

Follow the installation wizard and select which maps you would like to install, e.g., click Persiangulf Relief and Visual map to use LotATC on PGAW. Caucus will be installed by default. After the installation is finished you will be prompted to launch LotATC. One thing to note is: If you are experiencing frequent crashes when connected to the Hoggit server on LotATC be sure to run LotATC as an administrator. One way to do that is to right click the LotATC desktop icon, and select "Run as administrator.

Navigation Bar Overview

On the navigation bar left-to-right you will find:

  • CONNECT (Used to connect to dcs servers)
  • Settings
  • Information
  • Full screen mode
  • Activate on top
  • The bearing mode to use
  • The units to use

Once connected to a server, additional icons will appear on the navigation bar (Listing from the Information Icon, left-to-right).

  • Zoom out
  • Zoom in
  • Full screen mode
  • Activate on top
  • Lock the map from moving
  • Show range rings (You can center on a contact and then select this option for a "Picture" call.)
  • Use bullseye as a reference for the measure line
  • Tactical view (This is the main screen)
  • Chat (Will show if "show as tab" is selected from chat dock on left side of screen)
  • BRAA (Will show if "show as tab" is selected from BRAA dock on left side of screen)
  • The bearing mode to use
  • The units to use
  • The mission time
  • Controller information
  • Server information

Settings Overview

Interface Language
UI Size
Application theme
Application color
Restore all tips
Restore default dock and window positions
Check update at start
Graphical effects setting
Anti-aliasing setting
Load backup settings file
Save backup settings file
Load a theme
Save the current theme
Select a theme preset
Change the colors of the map
Change the color of measuring lines and BRAA lines
Change the brightness and contrast values
Change the color of items detected by radar (contacts)
Change the symbology between AWACS, French, or NATO
Change the size of a contact
Define the speed vector mode
Change the number of ghosts
Change the opacity of detection circles
Change the opacity of threat circles
Change which location contact labels are displayed
Change how labels behave on overlap
Choose to show the background for a label
Select the font size of a label
Select the distance between a contact and its label
Choose if the label matches the contact color
Manually define the content for labels
A list of keywords one can use in the above option
Number of contact updates to display on glide
A list of keyboard shortcuts that one can edit by double-clicking
Play sound on new messages
Change the background color
Change the foreground color

Connection Screen Overview

In the connection screen you are able to make, clone and save/bookmark a connection on the left. On the right you are able to fill in all the details needed to connect to a server.

LotATC Connection Screen

How to perform some common GCI tasks

  • To select a heading for vectoring an aircraft, right click and hold next to the aircraft you are vectoring, then drag it to where you would like the heading to be.
  • To perform a BRAA call, control + right-click and hold on a friendly contact's label, then drag it to an enemy's contact label. The bearing, range, and altitude will be shown on the BRAA line. The aspect will be shown by the enemy contact's icon. To remove the persistent BRAA line go into the BRAA settings on the navbar and click the delete icon next to the BRAA line you would like to delete.

The official LotATC website has detailed, step-by-step, installation instructions for both the Client and Server versions of the application.

They have a Discord server for users to collaborate and discuss the application.

The official DCS Forums also has a post for the application.