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Added with: Mist 4.5
Changes the value of mist's default settings. Useful for enabling a higher level of debug logging built into mist.
nothing mist.debug.changeSetting(table vars )
Valid Input Values:

vars tables have the following recognized fields( required entries in blue, optional in green):

 vars = 
 log = string/number log, 
 dbLog = string/number dbLog, 
 errorPopup = boolean errorPopup, 
 warnPopup = boolean warnPopup, 
 infoPopup = boolean infoPopup,

log level of logging used with generally any mist function that isn't in the database area of code.

dbLog level of logging applied to mist's built in loggers in the database area of code.

errorPopup Whether or not error logs will generate a popup

warnPopup whether or not warning logs will generate a popup

infoPopup whether or not info logs will generate a popup

Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:
The following sets the built in logger to info.
     mist.debug.changeSetting({log = 'info'})
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