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Added with: Mist 4.5
Sets user defined default values for fillColor, color, lineType, and fontSize for a passed coalition. When assigned mist.marker.add will use the changed value instead of the pre-defined default values if a given value is not defined. Table is indexed by coalition.
boolean mist.marker.setDefault(table vars )
Valid Input Values:
Valid countries:
  red, blue, all, neutral

vars tables have the following recognized fields( required entries in blue, optional in green):

 vars = 
 color = table color, 
 fillColor = table fillColor, 
 lineType = number lineType, 
 fontSize = number fontSize,

color is the color of the outline of a shape in {r, g, b, alpha} table format. Values can are between 0 to 1. However mist supports 0-255 format. If the number is greater than 1 mist will assume it is in 0-255 format. By default if color is not defined mist will generate a color automatically based on who is to see the mark. 80% Red or Blue

fillColor same rules as color apply.

lineType is the format the outline will be in. By default if not present the value used is 2.


0  No Line
1  Solid
2  Dashed
3  Dotted
4  Dot Dash
5  Long Dash
6  Two Dash 

fontSize size of the font for any text to be displayed.

Return value:
Return example:
Usage Examples:
The following sets the default fill color for the red team to hot pink with no outline being rendered.
     mist.marker.setDefault({red = {fillColor = {1, 0.412, 0.706}, lineType = 0}})
Related Functions
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