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Added with: Mist 3.7
Returns a numerical value in seconds of the next occurrence of the passed military time string. If the boolean value timeUntil is present the value returned is the time it will take to reach the specified military time. String military must be exactly 4 characters
number mist.time.milToGame(string mil , boolean timeUntil )
Valid Input Values:
'0000' to '2359'
Return value:
Return example:
Any numeric value greater than 0.
Usage Examples:
Assuming these scripts are run on day 0 at 1 AM (3600 seconds)
mist.timeMilToGame('0200') returns 7200 
mist.timeMilToGame('0200', true ) returns 3600

If scripts ran at 3AM (10800 seconds) -- Note script returns the NEXT occurance

mist.timeMilToGame('0200') returns 93600 
mist.timeMilToGame('0200', true ) returns 90000
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