SA-10 Grumble

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SA-10 Grumble and search radar

The SA-10 Grumble is a three part system that include a search radar, a tracking radar, and a launcher. It has an effective range of over 25 nautical, a ceiling of almost 100,000 feet, and a powerful low-altitude tracking radar that is effective at almost 0 AGL. This makes it effective against even the maximum specifications of the A-10. In short, if you see this thing, you probably need to just turn around.


Search Radar

Big Bird Search Radar RWR Symbol

SA10-BB.jpg SA10 Search Radar.jpg SA10 Search Radar WHOT.jpg SA10 Search Radar BHOT.jpg

SAM SA-10 S-300PS SR 64H6E

Clam Shell Search Radar RWR Symbol

SAM SA-10 S-300PS SR 5N66M.jpg SA10 Search Radar 5n66m.jpg SA10 Search Radar 5n66m WHOT.jpg SA10 Search Radar 5n66m BHOT.jpg

SAM SA-10 S-300PS SR 5N66M

Track Radar

SA-10 Track Radar RWR Symbol

SA10-CS.jpg S300 TR CCD.jpg S300 TR WHOT.jpg S300 TR BHOT.jpg

SAM SA-10 S-300PS TR 30N6


SAM SA-10 S-300PS LN 5P85.jpg SA10 Launcher Delta.jpg SA10 Launcher Delta WHOT.jpg SA10 Launcher Delta BHOT.jpg

SAM SA-10 S-300PS LN 5P85C / SAM SA-10 S-300PS LN 5P85D

Command Post

SAM SA-10 S-300PS CP.jpg S300 CP CCD.jpg S300 CP WHOT.jpg S300 CP BHOT.jpg

SAM SA-10 S-300PS CP 54K6


You really should just call in SEAD if available to take out the SA-10, it's a threat even against aircraft equipped with HARM missiles in many situations.

If you absolutely must take out the SA-10 with your A-10 you need to be able to use the terrain to mask yourself until you come within AGM range. Set a mark point on the target beforehand, and track on it as soon as you emerge from the terrain for your attack.

You will most likely encounter triple-A and short range manpads when you do this, considering the high value of the SA-10 system.

Just keep in mind if you screw up this thing will kill up to 12 aircraft in around 36 seconds.

Mission Design

The addition of the S-300PS 64H6E SR unit to the group will allow the site to intercept incoming missiles.

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