SA-3 Goa

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SA-3 Quadruple launcher and SNR-125 "Low Blow" Guidance RADAR

The SA-3 Goa is a 3 part launching system which includes a target acquisition RADAR, a guidance RADAR, and the launchers themselves. It has a maximum range of 13.5 NM and a ceiling of 82,000 feet. It is an extremely capable anti aircraft system. If you are to engage it, use terrain masking to your advantage. If you cannot use terrain to your advantage and get within firing range, it is best to stay clear of the engagement zone all together and call SEAD.


P-15 "Flat Face" Target Acquisition RADAR

"FlatFace" RWR Symbol

SA3-SN.jpg SA3 Search p19.jpg SA3 Search p19 WHOT.jpg SA3 Search p19 BHOT.jpg

SNR-125 "Low Blow" Guidance RADAR

SA-3 RWR Symbol

SA3-LB.jpg SA3-LB-CCD.jpg SA3 Search Track Radar WHOT.jpg SA3 Search Track Radar BHOT.jpg


SA3-Launcher.jpg SA3 Launcher.jpg SA3 Launcher WHOT.jpg SA3 Launcher BHOT.jpg


If you must engage the system use terrain to your advantage as it does have a minimum engagement range of 3.24 nm. Expect additional resisitance due to it being a high value emplacment. Ideally you should stand down and call SEAD to take care of the threat.

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