Scripting Engine Changelog

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Changelog 1.2.6 (DCS World 1.2.5 - 1.2.6)

  • atmosphere singleton was added
  • Unit.getCallsign() function was added
  • Airbase.getDescByName() function was added
  • Airbase.getCallsign() function was added
  • Controller.getDetectedTargets() and Controller.knowTarget() functions were added
  • Controller.isTargetVisible() was modified
  • Spot class was added
  • Group.getInitialSize() function was added

Changelog 1.2.5 (DCS: World 1.2.4 - 1.2.5)

  • AI.Skill enum was added
  • Unit.getDescByName() function added
  • Controller.setOnOff() function was added
  • Controller.isTargetDetected() function was added
  • Functions for some trigger actions was added: trigger.action.activateGroup(), trigger.action.deactivateGroup(), trigger.action.setGroupAIOn(), trigger.action.setGroupAIOff(), trigger.action.groupStopMoving(),trigger.action.groupContinueMoving().
  • StopRoute AI Command was added.

Changelog 1.2.4 (DCS: World 1.2.3 - 1.2.4)

  • Object.getCategory() function was added
  • Multiple functions were moved from Unit to Object
  • Object.destroy() function was added
  • Object.getDesc() function was added
  • CoalitionObject intermediate class was added
  • StaticObject.getByName static function was added
  • Unit.getPlayerName() function was added
  • Unit.getAmmo() function was added
  • Airbase class was added
  • Weapon.getLauncher() and Weapon.getTarget() functions were added.
  • Descriptors for Unit, Weapon, Airbase, StaticObject and SceneryObject
  • Group.isExist() function was added
  • Group.getCategory() and Group.getCoalition() functions were added
  • Group.activate() and Group.destroy() functions were added
  • coalition.getPlayers() function was added
  • coalition.getGroups() function was added
  • coalition.getStaticObjects() function was added
  • coalition.addGroup() function was added
  • coalition.addStaticObject() function was added
  • world.getAirbases() and coalition.getAirbases() functions were added
  • world.searchObjects() function was added
  • land.getSurfaceType function was added
  • trigger.action.setAITask() and trigger.action.pushAITask() functions was added
  • Some new main tasks for airborne units / groups are now available: Land, Follow, Escort
  • FAC tasks are now available: FAC_AttackGroup, FAC_EngageGroup, FAC
  • missionCommands singletone was added
  • AI namespace added. It contains constants used in Controller functions

Changelog 1.2.3 (DCS: World 1.2.2 - 1.2.3)

  • "Mission" task for ground groups
  • Unit.getFuel function added

Changelog 1.2.2 (DCS: World 1.2.0 - 1.2.2)

  • Controller.pushTask() function added
  • Controller.popTask() function added

Changelog (DCS: A-10C) - 1.2.0 (DCS: World)

  • All signletons now have lowercase capitalization.
  • env singletone added. The singletone provides 3 log functions.
  • world.scheduleDoString() function replaced with "schedule function" functions of timer singletone.
  • Simulator event system is now available in Mission Scripting Environmet.
  • coalition namespace added.
  • country namespace added.
  • coord namespace added.
  • New functions added into trigger singletone. These functions provides access to trigger actions as well as trigger zones and user flags.
  • Static class will not be available until MP problem is resolved.
  • Weapon.flag constants added into Weapon class.
  • UnitId Unit:getID() function added.
  • Group Group.getByName(string groupName) function added.
  • GroupId Group:getID() function added.
  • Controller Group:getController() function added.
  • "AttackGroup" and "EngageGroup" AI tasks: group numeric identifier groupId = GroupId used instead of group name groupName = string.
  • "Orbit", "Bombing", "AttackMapObject", "FireAtPoint", "EngageTargetsInZone": point = Vec2 used instead of x = number, y = number pair.