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The TAD (Tactical Awareness Display), by default is shown on the left MFCD. It can display a map or a black background for greater contrast with other aircraft.

A very busy TAD with wingmen both in the same and different groups, waypoints, and mark points. Display is using EXP1 mode for north up, players aircraft is represented by the green plane.

Group and Own ID

To change your Group And Own ID simply open the TAD on your MFCD and press OSB10 labeled NET. Here set your GROUP ID to the same one everyone is your flight is using. Then set your OWN ID to a individual number within your flight.

Aircraft in the same group as you will appear as purple circles with a line extending out of them in their direction of travel. The number inside the circle corresponds to their OWN ID and the number under it their altitude in thousands of feet. Aircraft not in your group will appear as green circles and will only display their altitude and direction of travel. If two aircraft are flashing they have both the same OWN ID and GROUP ID and therefore are creating a conflict. It is best to try to have one of the pilots change to a different ID.

Can I change the map to North up?

Yes! Make TAD Sensor Of Interest with Coolie Hat left long or by pressing the TAD button twice, then press China Hat forward short to change to EXP1 then again to EXP2. EXP2 simply has a larger maximum zoom than EXP1, press China Hat again to return to direction of travel up.

Another busy TAD with a wingman sharing his SPI, the purple line extending off screen