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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: addGroup Added with: 1.2.4
Member Of: coalition
Syntax: Group coalition.addGroup(enum countryId , enum groupCategory , table groupData )
Description: Dynamically spawns a group of the specified category for the specified country. Group data table is in the same format as created by the mission editor.

See country page and group class page for the list of countries by id and group categories.

The coalition of the group is defined by the coalition its country belongs to.

If the group or any unit within shares a name of an existing group or unit, the existing group or unit will be destroyed when the new group is created.

Function can NOT spawn new aircraft with a skill level of "client". However in single player a group can be spawned with the skill level of "Player". When this occurs the existing player aircraft will be destroyed.

If no groupId or unitId is specified or the Ids are shared with existing groups or units, a new Id will be created for the new group.

Return Value: Group
Return Example: none
Examples: Detailed Examples Linked Below:
   Ground Group
   Ship Group  
   Helicopter Group
   Plane Group

A basic table for a ground unit

  local groupData = {
	["visible"] = false,
	["taskSelected"] = true,
	["route"] = 
	}, -- end of ["route"]
	["groupId"] = 2,
	["tasks"] = 
	}, -- end of ["tasks"]
	["hidden"] = false,
	["units"] = 
		[1] = 
			["type"] = "LAV-25",
			["transportable"] = 
				["randomTransportable"] = false,
			}, -- end of ["transportable"]
			["unitId"] = 2,
			["skill"] = "Average",
			["y"] = 616314.28571429,
			["x"] = -288585.71428572,
			["name"] = "Ground Unit1",
			["playerCanDrive"] = true,
			["heading"] = 0.28605144170571,
		}, -- end of [1]
	}, -- end of ["units"]
	["y"] = 616314.28571429,
	["x"] = -288585.71428572,
	["name"] = "Ground Group",
	["start_time"] = 0,
	["task"] = "Ground Nothing",
  } -- end of [1]

  coalition.addGroup(country.id.USA, Group.Category.GROUND, groupData)

Required Group values

 name         string for the group name
 task         string for the master task that will dictate core AI behavior

Optional Group Values

 groupId         number groupId
 start_time      number time in seconds after mission start time that the group will spawn in. If 0 the group will spawn immediately.
 lateActivation  boolean value that can override start_time to force the group to spawn in via trigger
 hidden          boolean whether or not the group is visible on the F10 map view
 hiddenOnPlanner boolean if true the group will be hidden on the mission planner available in single player. 
 hiddenOnMFD     boolean if true this group will not be auto populated on relevant aircraft map screens and avionics. For instance SAM rings in F-16/F-18 and AH-64 threats pages
 route           table complex table defining the route and tasks assigned to the group

Optional Group Values (Aircraft and Helicopters)

 uncontrolled    boolean for ground starts, whether or not the aircraft will be visible but not active
 modulation      number (0 or 1) for AM or FM radio
 frequency       number of the radio frequency the unit will broadcast to
 communication   boolean for whether or not the group will communicate over the radio

Optional Group Values (Ground and Ships)

 visible         boolean For whether or not the group is visible before its start time
 uncontrollable  boolean corresponds to "Game Master Only" setting in editor. Dictates whether or not ground commanders can give orders to the group.

Required Unit values

name         name for the type of object
type         string for the type of object
x            number for x coordinate
y            number for y coordinate

Required Unit Values for Aircraft and Helicopters

 alt         number altitude in meters
 alt_type    string "BARO" or "RADIO" for Above sea level or above ground level
 speed       number velocity the aircraft will spawn at measured in meters per second
 payload     table of the aircrafts payload including fuel, weapons, and countermeasures
 callsign    table/number of the callsign for the unit. NATO countries use a table to define callsigns while the Russian style uses a number 

Optional Unit Values

unitId       number unitId
heading      number heading of the object in radians
skill        string of the units skill level. Can be "Excellent", "High", "Good", "Average", "Random", "Player"

Optional Unit Values for Ground

coldAtStart     boolean if true the vehicle will start with its engine off and should take some time to appear on FLIR
playerCanDrive  boolean if true Combined Arms players can take direct control of the unit. 

Aircraft and Helicopter values

 livery_id   string name of the livery for the aircraft
 psi         number
 onboard_num string of the tail number on the aircraft

Helicopter Values

 ropeLength  number length of a rope used for sling loading, default is 15
Related Functions: Coalition Functions: addGroup, addStaticObject, getGroups, getStaticObjects, getAirbases. getPlayers, getServiceProviders, addRefPoint, getRefPoints, getMainRefPoint, getCountryCoalition
Notes: You MUST have a built in delay before accessing the group or units controllers and issuing tasks, commands or options of the group spawned. Otherwise the you are likely to cause a game crash.

Route table can be empty or assigned to the group after spawning using getController and pushTask functions. See page on mission task for more information regarding the route table.

FARPs are spawned using the addGroup function, with groupCategory set to -1

Payload table