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Task: mission Added with: 1.2.4
Hierarchy: Scripting Root > Tasks > Main task > mission
Tasking Type: Main task
For: Airplanes, Helicopters, Ground Vehicles, Ships
Available Under: Everything
Description: The mission task is a collection of waypoints that are assigned to a group. When you create a group in the mission editor and place a route, you are created its mission task.

For ground vehicles and ships the mission task is how you can more directly control where ground/ship forces are going.

Format: This task needs to be in the following format.
 Mission = { 
  id = 'Mission', 
  params = { 
    airborne = boolean,
    route = { 
      points = { 
        [1] = { 
          type = enum AI.Task.WaypointType, 
          airdromeId = Airbase.ID,
          timeReFuAr = number,  
          helipadId = Airbase.ID, 
          linkUnit = Unit Id,
          action = enum AI.Task.TurnMethod, 
          x = Distance, 
          y = Distance, 
          alt = Distance, 
          alt_type = enum AI.Task.AltitudeType, 
          speed = Distance, 
          speed_locked = boolean, 
          ETA = Time, 
          ETA_locked = boolean, 
          name = string, 
          task = Task, 
        [2] = { 
        [N]= { 

Each waypoint has a number of parameters that define how the group will handle the route.

Required parameters:

x: Vec2 x coordinate waypoint will be placed at.

y: Vec2 y coordinate waypoint will be placed at. If converted from Vec3 this is the z coordinate.

type: Waypoint type. See AI enumerator page for more details.

speed: Speed in meters per second the group will attempt to travel at. Note each unit has its own maximum achievable speed

action: Waypoint action type. See AI enumerator page for more details.

alt: Altitude of waypoint. If converted from Vec3 this is the y coordinate. This item is required for Aircraft, but is optional for ground vehicles. As of 2.5.6 this value can be set to negative numbers. Specifically this will submerge submarines.

Optional Parameters:

speed_locked: boolean value that will determine if units will attempt to travel at the specified speed

eta: Time-On-Target of the waypoint. Has effect only if ETA_locked is true. AI will adjust speed to reach TOT accordingly.

eta_locked: Boolean value that will determine if AI will attempt to reach the waypoint at a specified time.

alt_type: Altitude type; Radio or Barometric. Defaults to barometric. If specified the altitude of the waypoint can be defined as AGL or MSL. Only applies to aircraft.

task: All tasks, enroute tasks, commands, and options are defined here.

Waypoint Type Specific Parameters The following are used with take-off and landing waypoint types.

helipadId: Used when the waypoint is associated with the a static object or a unit placed in the mission editor. Needs to be the unitId associated with the object.

linkUnit: Used when the waypoint is associated with the a static object or a unit placed in the mission editor. Value is identical to helipadId, but it is required.

airdromeId: Specifies the airbaseId the aircraft group will attempt to use. AI will only land if airbase is friendly. If not provided the AI will land at the nearest valid base to the coordinates.

timeReFuAr: If the waypoint type is a landReFuAr this value determines how long in minutes the unit will be stationary for.

Enumerators: AI.Task.TurnMethod
"FLY_OVER_POINT" = "Fly Over Point"
"FIN_POINT"      = "Fin Point"


"VEE"           = "Vee"
"ECHELON_RIGHT" = "EchelonR"
"OFF_ROAD"      = "Off Road"
"RANK"          = "Rank"
"ECHELON_LEFT"  = "EchelonL"
"ON_ROAD"       = "On Road"
"CONE"          = "Cone"
"DIAMOND"       = "Diamond"


"BARO"  = "BARO"


"TAKEOFF"             = "TakeOff"
"TAKEOFF_PARKING"     = "TakeOffParking"
"TURNING_POINT"       = "Turning Point"
"TAKEOFF_PARKING_HOT" = "TakeOffParkingHot"
"LAND"                = "Land"
Notes: See article Mission Editor: AI Tasking for more information on how AI tasking is handled within DCS.

As of 2.5.6 a new parameter of airborne has been added to the root tasking for a flight. This is so the game knows that the aircraft group you are assigning a bunch of aircraft specific waypoint information is in fact being assigned to an aircraft group. This parameter is required if the group is assigned the task after spawn they are spawned in. This fixes a long standing bug where AI would ignore waypoint information and default to "Fly Over" waypoint type or airport Id if it was different from where it took off from.

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