DCS func getMarkPanels

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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: getMarkPanels Added with: 2.5.1
Member Of: world
Syntax: table world.getMarkPanels( )
Description: Returns a table of mark panels and drawn shapes indexed numerically that are present within the mission. Panel is designed with the mark points in mind, but still returns data for shapes created via markups.

Return Value: table
Return Example: Table indexed numerically.
 [1] ={
   idx = idxMark(IDMark),
   time = Time,
   initiator = Unit,
   coalition = -1 (or RED/BLUE),
   groupID = -1 (or ID),
   text = markText,
   pos = vec3
Related Functions: World functions: addEventHandler, removeEventHandler, getPlayer, getAirbases, searchObjects, getMarkPanels
Notes: Markup shapes can return 255 as the coalition id if spawned for all at -1

Position data for markup shapes appears to be the average position.