DCS func getUnitProperty

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Envrioment: Server
Function: getUnitProperty Added with: 2.5.0
Member Of: DCS
Syntax: string DCS.getUnitProperty(number unitId, string propertyId )
Description: Returns the given property for the passed unit.

Return Value: string
Return Example:
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Notes: List of properties.
  DCS.UNIT_RUNTIME_ID, // unique within runtime mission. int
  DCS.UNIT_MISSION_ID, // unique within mission file. int>0
  DCS.UNIT_NAME, // unit name, as assigned by mission designer.
  DCS.UNIT_TYPE, // unit type (Ural, ZU-23, etc)
  DCS.UNIT_GROUP_MISSION_ID, // group ID, unique within mission file. int>0
  DCS.UNIT_GROUPNAME, // group name, as assigned by mission designer.
  DCS.UNIT_HIDDEN,// ME hiding
  DCS.UNIT_COALITION,// "blue", "red" or "unknown"
  DCS.UNIT_TASK, //"unit.group.task"
  DCS.UNIT_PLAYER_NAME, // valid for network "humanable" units
  DCS.UNIT_ROLE,//"artillery_commander", "instructor", etc
  DCS.UNIT_INVISIBLE_MAP_ICON,//ME invisible map icon