DCS func setUserCallbacks

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Envrioment: Server
Function: setUserCallbacks Added with: 2.5.0
Member Of: DCS
Syntax: DCS.setUserCallbacks(table functions )
Description: Adds the functions defined in the table to be run when the given event is called from the GameGUI environment. For each grouping of callbacks you create it needs to be added to a file placed in your saved games folder. This file is automatically loaded when the game starts. File is placed in Users\%YOURWINDOWSUSERNAME%\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Hooks folder. If this folder does not exist create it.


Some callbacks can have a return value. If returned in your code then that value will take precedence over any other callback that might be checking the same thing. It is best to return nothing unless you want to force a given action to occur. For example the callback onPlayerTryChangeSlot is used by the DCS UI for the prompt that occurs when trying to join another player's multicrew aircraft. If true or false is returned the pilot will never get the prompt to allow or deny the seat.

List of Hooks: onMissionLoadBegin, onMissionLoadProgress, onMissionLoadEnd, onSimulationStart, onSimulationStop, onSimulationFrame, onSimulationPause, onSimulationResume, onGameEvent, onNetConnect, onNetMissionChanged, onNetConnect, onNetDisconnect, onPlayerConnect, onPlayerDisconnect, onPlayerStart, onPlayerStop, onPlayerChangeSlot, onPlayerTryConnect, onPlayerTrySendChat, onPlayerTryChangeSlot

Return Value:
Return Example:
Examples: The following saves and modifies global values for the current mission name and a list of connected clients.
   local myCall = {}
   clients = {}
   function myCall.onMissionLoadBegin()
      current_mission = DCS.getMissionName()
   function myCall.onPlayerConnect(id)
        clients[id] = {id = id, addr = net.get_player_info(id, 'ipaddr'), name = net.get_player_info(id, 'name'), ucid = net.get_player_info(id, 'ucid'), ip = net.get_player_info(id, 'ipaddr')}
   function myCall.onPlayerDisconnect(id)
       clients[id] = nil
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