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Added with: Mist 3.0
Clones a group of the name groupName at its initial location as set in the mission editor.
string mist.cloneGroup(string groupName , boolean/number task/taskDelay )
Valid Input Values:
groupName= name of the group that is to be cloned

task= Optional variable that will re-assign the groups original route. If task is not provided group will remain stationary or RTB if an aircraft. Function returns a mission editor formatted table of the group.

taskDelay= If this variable is a number it will re-assign the groups original route after the specified time in seconds

Return value:
Return example:
string of group's name
Usage Examples:
The following code will create a new clone of the group every minute for 20 minutes
  mist.scheduleFunction(mist.cloneGroup, {'groupName', true}, timer.getTime() + 60, 60, 1200)
As of mist 3.3 this function supports the use of static objects.
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